Indu Sah Foundation's Humanitarian Effort Continues...

Indu Sah Foundation is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Nepal, which empathizes with the people living under the poverty line. ISF is always focused on its mission to uplift the lives of the underserved communities in Nepal. ISF is currently taking care of families in Mahottari. It has supported the isolated communities not once but multiple times. ISF team values the necessities of the underprivileged community in Mahottari, and always comes with ideas to support them with food and clothes when needed. Mahottari is suffering from a severe cold and the people who survive on daily wages needed support to get through the cold wave crisis. More than 120 families needed assistance to combat the severe cold. Therefore, the ISF team came up with an idea to give warm clothes to the marginalized. The NepalMed supported this noble cause and we gave away 517 warm clothes, that included jackets and trousers to children, Saris to women, and blankets to all the families. The total n

The ISF celebrates its THIRD Anniversary

 The Indu Sah Foundation is committed to serving the underserved community since its establishment. It celebrated its third anniversary on December 18, 2021. As ISF is equipped with the most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, it has become one of the leading nonprofits in Nepal, which empathizes with the needs of the community, and moves forward with sustainable solutions. ISF has visionary executives, who have lived through the crisis and have a clearcut idea about how to reach the most marginalized communities crises, and go for a sustainable solution to them. In the past three years, ISF has supported the underprivileged community with food and clothes during natural disasters and the COVID-19 lockdowns to 850 families in Mahottari. It also provided free education on Oral Health, Oral Cancer, Dental treatment, and donated Oral Hygiene Kits to more than 1500 people in Nepal. The founder of the ISF, Dr. Sah provided sex education to 400 school children. He also educated children o

ISF SMILE: Serves 3000 Dental Patients for Free

  Indu Sah Foundation is committed to the underserved community since 2018. ISF has been with the community in every situation from natural disasters to the Covid-19 crisis to providing better Healthcare and Education. In pursuit of better healthcare for the unreached, ISF launched an Oral Healthcare Project called “ISF SMILE” with a purpose to educate and treat 3000 dental patients every year in remote Nepal from the plain to the Himalayas. ISF Smile is a visionary initiation of the Indu Sah Foundation. Under this project, ISF started a Mobile Dental Clinic, which is the first of its kind in Nepal. The ISF Mobile Dental Clinic (ISFMDC) is committed to providing all kinds of dental treatments available in a well-set dental clinic. The ISFMDC has a vision and commitment to providing the best dental care for free to the community who cannot afford the expensive treatment. The ISF Smile is conceptualized to educate, make aware, and treat patients with optimal care. The treatments

ISF COVID-19 Help 2021

The pandemic has yet not let people breathe normally in Nepal. The double mutant Covid-19 forced the Nepal government to lock the nation for the second time from  April 29, 2021 . The lockdown has helped prevent the spread of the disease, but it has caused a hunger crisis in the people who live on daily wages. Science says that to make your immunity strong, you need to consume a nutritious diet, but people living on daily wages suffer from hunger. Then how they are supposed to develop immunity to fight the disease.   Indu Sah Foundation empathizes with those and offers help in every crisis. ISF helped more than a hundred families in 2020 and continues to help.  This time, ISF helped a whole small village named Sukhainiya, located in the rural Mahottari district of Nepal with foods for a month with the support of NepalMed. ISF appreciates them for extending their help. On June 12, 2021, ISF Volunteers distributed foods that included Rice, Daal, Potato, Salt, Oil, Soyabean, Beaten Rice,

Covid-19 Care at Home.

C ovid-19 is still the biggest challenge for human beings because it's still on the spike despite the various efforts by public health scientists. Not only the Americas are facing the spikes but the Asian nations too. We all have been eying for better and affordable treatments for more than a year, but we are still disappointed. The world leader and the scientists are claiming about the vaccines and their effectiveness however, these are only in the news, which has been helping only the stock markets scaling up not the sufferers. Whether it's AstraZeneca or Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson or else, all have been giving hope, but we are still losing our loved ones, our dining tables are getting emptier. Which shows we need to act ourselves and combat this infectious disease. As of now, most of us know the sign and symptoms of this disease which includes fever more than 100-degree centigrade, sore throat, lethargy, myalgia, arthralgia, shortness of breath, chest pain in the severe c

Why you should be wearing Mask.

S ince the beginning of the Covid crisis, it has been a controversy, whether to put on a mask or not, whether it could protect from the contraction of Covid- 19 or not. The reason behind the controversy is the initial statements produced by the World Health Organization and many scholarly scientists. The COVID-19 has been identified as a novel coronavirus, which has a very strong ability to get mutated. Whenever there is something new, even researchers wouldn’t have enough knowledge about it, and once leading statements could turn into misleading. That’s what has happened in different phases of the COVID-19 handling since it came among us. Now, the researchers have understood the virus in a better and much efficient way. The global public health scientists are urging us to wear masks while going out, or staying in a crowd, or socializing in emergencies. It could prevent people from getting infected with the virus. Other than hand washing and social distancing, wearing a mask should be

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