Current Project: ISF SMILE

What is the ISF SMILE?

ISF SMILE project is the current project through which we are committed to providing oral healthcare services to 3000 underserved communities including children. The project is located in the Mahottari district of Nepal, 10 km west of Janakpurdham, the historic place of Mithila. 

Who conceptualized the project and how it will be executed?

The project is the concept of Dr. Vijay Sah, the president of the Indu Sah Foundation, who has been dreaming to serve his community. This project is going to provide all the treatments possible through MOBILE DENTAL CLINIC and will be free. The program will provide services strictly following all the COVID-19 guidelines.

What kind of service would be provided?

  1. Oral Health education and awareness program
  2. Oral Health Screening
  3. Extraction of the hopeless teeth
  4. ART where needed
  5. Minor surgeries such as mucoceles, abscess drainage
  6. Distribution of Toothbrushes
  7. Fluoride application in children for caries prevention
  8. Teaching toothbrushing techniques
  9. Distribution of necessary medications
  10. Referral of the cases when needed
How long the program will run?

The program would be for 15 days including travel. The duration might be modified according to the situation.

Who will be providing the services?
  1. Licensed Dental Surgeons
  2. Licensed Dental Assistants
  3. Health Assistants
  4. Other volunteering bodies
Who will supervise the event?

The president and the Members of the organization

Why shall you participate in the program?
  1. To gain clinical experience
  2. To understand the situation of oral health in remote 
  3. To have a glimpse of the plain region and Janaki Temple
  4. To help the needy people
  5. To prove yourself that you are there for your community

What are we looking for in the interested candidates?

  1. Confident enough to work independently
  2. Good and swift at extractions
  3. Swift at managing cases
  4. Have great patient counseling skill
  5. Are multilingual (Maithili preferred) 
  6. Have experiences in managing and conducting dental camps
  7. Can manage ART cases
  8. Knows Fluoride application
When the program will begin?

In the month of May 2021 (delayed due to nationwide Covid 19 lockdown)

Will it follow the COVID-19 guidelines?

Yes, we will strictly follow all the COVID-19 guidelines

NOTE: Have questions regarding our project, kindly contact us through email. Thank You!


1. Empowerment of underprivileged Children’s Health Status and Education:
  1.  Annual Enrollment of 5 underprivileged children in English School for better education
  2.  Regular health check-up of the underprivileged children every 6 months
  3.  Oral hygiene maintenance instruction program
  4.  Distribution of Oral Hygiene Kit
  5.  Distribution of Albendazole 
  6.  Awareness of Vaccination Programs
2. Empowerment of underprivileged Women’s Health:
  1.    Oral Health Awareness Programs
  2.    Oral Hygiene Instruction Program
  3.    Distribution of Oral Hygiene Kits
  4.    General Health and Hygiene awareness Program
  5.    Awareness about menstruation-related hygiene
  6.    Distribution of Sanitary pads among 3000 women.
3. Health Camps and Training Program ( Health for All )

   A. General Health Camp:
  1. Awareness program on Diabetes
  2. Awareness program on Hypertension and Heart Disease
  3. Diabetes Screening test.
  4. Blood Pressure measurement training
  5. Blood pressure measurement
  6. Medicine Distribution Program
    B. Awareness of Mosquito-related diseases.
  1. Awareness about Hygiene Maintenance
  2. Awareness and Prevention Program on Malaria, Dengue.
  3. Mosquito Net Distribution
   C. Oral Healthcare and Education Program:
  1. Oral health check-Up and Awareness program
  2. Oral Hygiene Instruction Program
  3. Awareness on Oral Cancer and Possible Prevention Program
  4. Dental Treatment Program

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