ISF COVID-19 Help 2021

The pandemic has yet not let people breathe normally in Nepal. The double mutant Covid-19 forced the Nepal government to lock the nation for the second time from April 29, 2021. The lockdown has helped prevent the spread of the disease, but it has caused a hunger crisis in the people who live on daily wages. Science says that to make your immunity strong, you need to consume a nutritious diet, but people living on daily wages suffer from hunger. Then how they are supposed to develop immunity to fight the disease.


Indu Sah Foundation empathizes with those and offers help in every crisis. ISF helped more than a hundred families in 2020 and continues to help.  This time, ISF helped a whole small village named Sukhainiya, located in the rural Mahottari district of Nepal with foods for a month with the support of NepalMed. ISF appreciates them for extending their help.

On June 12, 2021, ISF Volunteers distributed foods that included Rice, Daal, Potato, Salt, Oil, Soyabean, Beaten Rice, and cloths, which provided relief to more than 100 families for a month. 

ISF Volunteers also provided awareness and education on the Covid-19 disease and its prevention, which was eye-opening for the underserved attendees. ISF is looking forward to extending further help to people suffering from hunger due to nationwide restrictions.  

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