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Indu Sah Foundation Volunteers (#ISFVolunteers)


Mahesh S. is leading the #ISFVolunteers team at Mahottari. He is a Health Assistant by profession and helps the organization know the problems of the remote village in detail so that the approach to solve them would be sustainable.
Rupesh S. is another most proactive #ISFVolunteer. He loves to serve the community whenever needed. He has done certification in civil engineering and has a hobby to grow as a public speaker also. He is one of the most enthusiastic and optimistic team members.

Santosh R. is pursuing a Certification in Dentistry and possesses an extrovert personality. He is helping the organization in building at the local level. He loves to play cricket to stay fit. He radiates positive energy around him, which is his asset.

Pappu S. is one of the most vibrant #ISFVolunteers. He keeps smiling all the time that helps the team remain enthusiastic even in the most hectic schedule. He is pursuing a career in Pharmacy. 

Nitesh S. is one of the most hard-working #ISFVolunteers as he enjoys serving his community along with his studies. He has a dream to become prominent healthcare professional.

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Indu Sah Foundation welcomes Volunteers from over the world interested in providing services to underprivileged children and communities. 

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A. Volunteer with Indu Sah Foundation:

The field of Volunteering includes the following activities and more:

  1. General health check-ups and treatment
  2. Oral health check-ups and treatment
  3. Oral Cancer Screening, Awareness and Education
  4. Teaching at schools where we provide free education to underprivileged children
  5. Mental Health Evaluation and Psychosocial Counselling
B. Research with Indu Sah Foundation:
  1. Research on Oral Health Status of Remote Nepal
  2. Research program on Public Health Status of Remote Nepal
  3. Research on the Educational status of Remote Nepal 
  4. Studies on Water and Sanitation of Remote Nepal
  5. Research on Farming 

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