Indu Sah Foundation's Humanitarian Effort Continues...

Indu Sah Foundation is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Nepal, which empathizes with the people living under the poverty line. ISF is always focused on its mission to uplift the lives of the underserved communities in Nepal. ISF is currently taking care of families in Mahottari. It has supported the isolated communities not once but multiple times. ISF team values the necessities of the underprivileged community in Mahottari, and always comes with ideas to support them with food and clothes when needed.

Mahottari is suffering from a severe cold and the people who survive on daily wages needed support to get through the cold wave crisis. More than 120 families needed assistance to combat the severe cold. Therefore, the ISF team came up with an idea to give warm clothes to the marginalized. The NepalMed supported this noble cause and we gave away 517 warm clothes, that included jackets and trousers to children, Saris to women, and blankets to all the families. The total number of families who got support from us was 126.

It's always wonderful to give hands to those people who really deserve assistance from us and Indu Sah Foundation is always there for them. 

The beneficiaries were more than happy to receive the assistance and went home with smiles on their faces, which is the goal of the Indu Sah Foundation and NepalMed. ISF is proud to have NepalMed as one of its strongest partners. 

We would like to send heartfelt thanks to the NepalMed, ISFVolunteers, the ISF team, the local Administration, and everyone who was part of this noble cause. 

- Dr. Vijay Sah


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