ISF Education: Child Abuse Prevention Awareness in Rajbiraj, Nepal

Child abuse has been one of the prime issues in Nepal. 8 out of 10 children are suffering from different types of abuse, which needs to be addressed. If children are not safe, how a nation will succeed. Indu Sah Foundation is always working towards the betterment of the community. We believe that the problems should be addressed from the atomic level and educating children in schools could be the best tool to prevent any social issues.

This time ISF team conducted another Child abuse prevention program at Shiva International Secondary School in Rajbiraj, Nepal. Some 300 children were educated by Dr. Sneha Mahato, a dentist in Nepal, and Dr. Vijay Sah, a dentist in the United States. Also, Ms. Anita Kumari assisted in the program as a volunteer.

The program was entirely dedicated to providing awareness education to all the kids. Dr. Sah and Mahato reflected on various issues and how to identify what abuse means, what child abuse is, and how to prevent it. It was an interaction-based educational program. The kids were fully involved in the process of learning and they also asked questions and answered accordingly. To make the kids fully interactive, they were rewarded for paying attention. The agenda of the educational activity was the following:
  • What child abuse is
  • How to identify child abuse
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to inform your parents about it
  • Why you should not keep any secret 
  • It was the MY BODY IS MY BODY program which emphasizes how to identify and inform about child abuse
In conclusion, the ISF team would like to thank the School's family for providing a great platform to educate all the children, Dr. Mahato, and all the volunteers involved in the program.

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