The ISF celebrates its THIRD Anniversary

 The Indu Sah Foundation is committed to serving the underserved community since its establishment. It celebrated its third anniversary on December 18, 2021. As ISF is equipped with the most dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, it has become one of the leading nonprofits in Nepal, which empathizes with the needs of the community, and moves forward with sustainable solutions.

ISF has visionary executives, who have lived through the crisis and have a clearcut idea about how to reach the most marginalized communities crises, and go for a sustainable solution to them.

In the past three years, ISF has supported the underprivileged community with food and clothes during natural disasters and the COVID-19 lockdowns to 850 families in Mahottari. It also provided free education on Oral Health, Oral Cancer, Dental treatment, and donated Oral Hygiene Kits to more than 1500 people in Nepal.

The founder of the ISF, Dr. Sah provided sex education to 400 school children. He also educated children on Child Abuse Prevention through the My Body Is My Body (MBIMB) program, which is a very creative method to make kids understand their bodies and how to stay safe.

ISF continues to support the underprivileged community and is coming with a stronger workforce and sustainable solutions in health and education as it aims to make a healthier and happier community.

ISF is grateful to all the supporters, well-wishers, and volunteers.

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