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Our Mission is on the way: Your $2 can bring Happiness.


Food Distribution to 119 families living on Daily Wage in Covid - 19 Crisis in Madhepura, Mahottari.

Indu Sah Foundation is dedicated to serving people who are in need in any situation. We have understood the condition of the people living on daily wage in complete lockdown in Nepal. So we managed to help those communities who need food to survive in this critical situation with the help of various donors who have been the keys to come forth to support people in need. The first phase of relief distribution was done that will help a family of four to 119 families on May 18, 2020, Monday. The food included was rice, lentils, green vegetables, oil, soybean, salt, and others.

After the first phase of help, our endeavor to support more families will be continued. We are very thankful to those great hearts who came forward to make this happen. We would like to thank the NepalMed who was the major contributor, and all other contributors. The program went very well and the beneficiaries were more than happy to receive the support. 
The distribution went according to the WHO and the Nepal Gover…

How to Cope with the Stress of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus pandemic has become an era in which the lives of the human race are on stake. Every individual is going through some form of anxiety. Every one of us is worried about life and death. Most importantly, what if I get a Coronavirus? Am I going to die? What will happen to my beloved one, family? There are several questions along with worry in the peoples' minds, right now. Everyone is stressed and keep thinking about survival. Although, the problem is not only the coronavirus, but is the consequences the people will have to go through in the long term.

According to a psychiatrist from Harvard University, the major consequences of this coronavirus is the mental illness or some form of mental anxiety. Many such cases have been encountered recently. Not only the people but the doctors are much more stressed because they are the first responders in fighting COVID. The doctors are facing anxiety because they know they might contract their family members and beloved ones. If we c…

CORONAVIRUS : Do we need to PANIC?

Don't worry. You can protect yourself from getting infected. Since it's a viral infection, there is no specific treatment for this to date and there is no vaccine too. So what should we do? PANIC! No. We say it's not that dangerous. If we take proper care of ourselves, we will be completely fine. This virus is new for scientists too so it is taking time to find a treatment. However, the most important method to protect ourselves is to increase our immunity by the following means. Such as, 
Eat healthyDrink a lot of waterWash your hands properly for 20 secs with the renewed WHO stepsSleep at least 8 hoursExercise dailyAvoid animals as much as you canAvoid the crowd.Do not shake hands or hugs, rather do NAMASTE to greet people or friends.Stay warmUse masks properly and responsiblyQuarantine yourself if you feel like you have a fever or cold and see a doctor.Avoid physical contact as much as possibleFollow WHO guidelines.

You can check our poster for preventive measures, The mo…

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