Our Mission is on the way: Your $2 can bring Happiness.

Indu Sah Foundation has been continuously working and we are on a mission to support the underserved, marginalized, and underprivileged communities. We have been focusing on underprivileged children, who have been the victims of poor health and education. We raise voice for those who are suppressed and we are continuously working on it. 
ISF believes the change is possible and in this generation. If the children get optimal healthcare and education, the nation will see exponential growth in less than a decade. The families could live a prosperous life and so does society. 

Our vision is very clear and we are on it. If we are asking for the change, we should start from ourselves. We have planned to build a Healthcare Center by 2026, a better school, and a library by 2028. 
Our missions are focused on serving those communities who need us the most. So, our appeal to the national and international communities is to support this cause and make this happen. Your contributions will be highly admired and blessed! Please learn that 100% of revenue goes to the cause. For your generous support, please go to the link below. Thank you!

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