Why you should be wearing Mask.

Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, it has been a controversy, whether to put on a mask or not, whether it could protect from the contraction of Covid- 19 or not. The reason behind the controversy is the initial statements produced by the World Health Organization and many scholarly scientists.

The COVID-19 has been identified as a novel coronavirus, which has a very strong ability to get mutated. Whenever there is something new, even researchers wouldn’t have enough knowledge about it, and once leading statements could turn into misleading. That’s what has happened in different phases of the COVID-19 handling since it came among us.

Now, the researchers have understood the virus in a better and much efficient way. The global public health scientists are urging us to wear masks while going out, or staying in a crowd, or socializing in emergencies. It could prevent people from getting infected with the virus. Other than hand washing and social distancing, wearing a mask should be the priority to save yourself from the virus.

So, what could be the outstanding benefits of putting on masks?

1. It would protect you from getting contracted from not only the Covid-19 but from other bacteria and viruses that hang in the air.

2. It helps to decrease the viral load so that your body would be able to fight the ingested virus and form the antibody against it.

3. It could help to protect you, your community, your family, and your loved ones.

4. It could help end the pandemic earlier than it could remain among us.

5. It could help revitalize the economy of the world, which is on the verge of collapse.

6. It can be a game-changer in battling against the current pandemic in multiple ways.

- Dr. Vijay Sah

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