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World Oral Health Day 2019

World Oral Health Day 2019! Say Ahh  Act on Mouth Health Take care of oral health to protect mouth and body! Being an oral health specialist, I can understand the importance of oral health. So you can! Why you should be aware of your oral health is because whatever you take in, it goes through your mouth. We wash  our hand with hand wash, we clean the food with mineral water and we believe we are taking clean and hygienic food to stay healthy. But what about the entrance? The mouth! Is it healthy? Is it clean? Is it harmful bacteria free? Yes, we should be very very aware about our mouth. The bacteria reside in the oral cavity is more than any other part of our body and can you imagine the number? It’s more than 10 to the power 11. Mouth is the entry of everything so we should be very careful about the oral health because healthy mouth makes body healthier and disease free!  If you isolate your mouth from your body you might be at the risk of: Heart disease  Oral ca

International Women's Day 2019!

Indu Sah Foundation greets on  Women's Day 2019 to all the women around the globe. We advocate against women violence, against dowry in Nepal and India. We support women empowerment around the globe. Men and Women are equally important, We believe in that. We will be standing with the underprivileged women and we will support them achieve a better life through education and health.  " Happy Woman makes the Community and Nation Happy " Happy Women's Day 2019!

Dental Work Camp Dhading, Nepal

Dental Work Camp Dhading, Nepal Location:   Health Post, Dabajong Municipality, Dhading, Nepal Doctors: Dr Vijay Sah, Dr Nilotpal Sharma Helping Hands : Krishna Poudel, Nandika Activities:  223 patients were screened Treatments : 50 extractions were performed Counselling : All 223 patients were counselled about the oral hygiene.  Impact : People got awareness about the oral hygiene. A one day  Dental Work Camp  was organized in the most  rural  area  Dabajong, Dhading, Nepal on June 19, 2018. Out of  223 people, 160 were Children under age 13, 40 were adult female and 23 were adult male. It was a huge success. We are looking for more of such works around the Nation and around the Globe. Dr. Vijay: During Procedure Patients waiting for their turn. Video: The Road we Travelled for the Camp. .

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