Dental Work Camp Dhading, Nepal

Dental Work Camp Dhading, Nepal

Health Post,
Dabajong Municipality, Dhading, Nepal
Doctors: Dr Vijay Sah, Dr Nilotpal Sharma
Helping Hands: Krishna Poudel, Nandika
Activities: 223 patients were screened
Treatments: 50 extractions were performed
Counselling: All 223 patients were counselled about the oral hygiene. 
Impact: People got awareness about the oral hygiene.

A one day Dental Work Camp was organized in the most rural area Dabajong, Dhading, Nepal on June 19, 2018. Out of  223 people, 160 were Children under age 13, 40 were adult female and 23 were adult male. It was a huge success. We are looking for more of such works around the Nation and around the Globe.

Dr. Vijay: During Procedure

Patients waiting for their turn.

Video: The Road we Travelled for the Camp.


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