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CORONAVIRUS : Do we need to PANIC?

D on't worry. You can protect yourself from getting infected. Since it's a viral infection, there is no specific treatment for this to date and there is no vaccine too. So what should we do? PANIC! No. We say it's not that dangerous. If we take proper care of ourselves, we will be completely fine. This virus is new for scientists too so it is taking time to find a treatment. However, the most important method to protect ourselves is to increase our immunity by the following means. Such as,  Eat healthy Drink a lot of water Wash your hands properly for 20 secs with the renewed WHO steps Sleep at least 8 hours Exercise daily Avoid animals as much as you can Avoid the crowd. Do not shake hands or hugs, rather do NAMASTE to greet people or friends. Stay warm Use masks properly and responsibly Quarantine yourself if you feel like you have a fever or cold and see a doctor. Avoid physical contact as much as possible Follow WHO guidelines. You ca

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