Day 2: Flood Relief Materials Distribution

Due to heavy rain from July 12, 2019 in Nepal, many regions of Nepal were affected by heavy flood and landslides. The people in Mahottari were affected more and thousands of people got displaced from their houses. They were looking for food and shelter, the most basic emergency need. Indu Sah Foundation recognized the need by observing the affected area and our team chose the most underprivileged people and we distributed the necessary relief materials by the help of other organizations.

The distribution program was on July 30, 2019 and Indu Sah Foundation helped the underprivileged flood victims of Leuri, Mahottari, Janakpur with the materials they needed the most. That includes food packets, clothings, tents, mosquito nets, soaps. We distributed total of 354 families in two days. On day two, we distributed materials to 160 families if Leuri 10, Mahottari. There are people still waiting for help but due to insufficient funds we managed to help 354 families.

We got great response from the beneficiaries, the locals, the government officials, the local government.  

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