Event: One Day Free Dental Treatment Camp and Oral Health Awareness Program
Location: Katunje Healthpost, Dabajong, Netrawati, Dhading
Date: 2019/07/07
Team: Dr. Vijay Sah, Dr. Arjun Karki, Krishna Poudel, Ram Kumar Baraile, Saroj Patel
Supported By: Indu Sah Foundation, Dhading Dental Clinic
Oraganizer: Netrawati Dabajong Municipality

The Team with the banner.

A one day free dental treatment camp led by the President of the Indu Sah Foundation, Dr. Vijay Sah, was organized in Netrawati, Dhading, Nepal. The camp was focused on the treatment of dental problem of the underprivileged children and the community who resides in the remote villages of district, Dhading, Nepal
Welcome program with the government officials

Dr. Vijay Sah with the Health Coordinator Krishna Poudel

During the Dental Camp, some 150 people were screened for the oral health problem of the age group 5 to 75 years. 85 were diagnosed with Chronic Generalized Gingivitis and among them 66 had Periodontitis. Out of 150, 75 had decayed tooth, 60 had Chronic Irreversible Pulpitis.
Dr. Vijay Sah during the Extraction procedure
Out of 150 beneficiaries, 80 had their teeth extracted during the camp. Each patients were educated about the oral health and hygiene and 100 toothbrushes were distributed to the children and the adults.
Indu Sah Foundation would like to thank the Health coordinator, Mr. Krishna Poudel of the Municipality Netrawati, Dhading, Nepal for the cooperation.

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Dr. Vijay Sah during the extraction procedure

Patients getting the medicine prescribed

Patient Counselling

Dr. Arjun Karki during Extraction procedure

Medicines to be distributed

Patients Examination

Patients queued up

Health Worker Priyanka measuring Blood Pressure before extraction

Examination of the patients

Concluding The program.

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