Right to Education! Right to Health!!

Right to Education and Right to Health:

Right to Education! Right to Health!
As per the Census 2011, 14.3 per cent of children aged between 5 and 12 years are out of school which is 0.77 million of the total population in this age group. Likewise, school is out of reach for many children from the most disadvantaged families, despite the great strides Nepal has taken in improving education system over the past decades.
The report states that 35.2 per cent of the out-of-school children reside in the districts of central Tarai, mainly in Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari, Dhanusha and Bara. The majority of the remaining 22 per cent are in eastern Tarai. (Source: https://thehimalayantimes.com/kathmandu/one-million-kids-still-school-report/)
Children: Out of School
The data states clearly that most of the underprivileged children who are out of school or  are not getting education belong to the central terai which is the area of our project. similarly, the underprivileged children of southern Nepal are deprived of health and sanitation. 
ISF provides the children free education
Indu Sah Foundation came across these huge problems and has started to advocate and help improve the Underprivileged children's health through awareness, orientation, screening and treatment phase wise. 
We believe that the disadvantaged group can only come up in the society when they get quality education and for that our organisation has come up with a project to "Free Enrollment of every underprivileged children of southern Nepal" in a quality education providing school. Our Goal is to provide "Right to Education and Right to Health" to the disadvantaged communities.
Indu Sah Foundation requests all the organisation around the world to come together and work for better Health and Education!
This will help to improve the society, the nation and the world together!

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