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Hand Washing Technique Training Program

Hand Washing Technique Training Program

Date: February 25, 2019
Trainer: Dr. Vijay Sah
Number of Participants: 66
Age Group: Below 13
Location: Indu Vidya Mandir, Madhepura, Mahottari, Nepal

66 Children of age group below 13 of  School Indu Vidya Mandir In Madhepura, Mahottari, Nepal were trained how to wash hands to maintain better hygiene by Dr. Vijay Sah so that the students will get motivated towards better health and hygiene. The kids were trained the way that they can share the technique with  their family, friends  and other.


Oral Health Camp

Date: January 26, 2019 Location: Madhepura, Mahottari, Nepal
Beneficiaries: Age group between 10 to 60
Number of People Screened: 50
Treatment Done: Tooth Extraction of  24 Patients.

Despite Of limited RESOURCES, We organized the Oral Health Camp that benefitted limited number of people.
We are planning for bigger Health Camp in which more than 5000 people will be benefitted. to achieve that, We are looking for SUPPORTING Hands! Thank You!

1. Oral Health check up of about 50 people.
2. Tooth extraction of 24 patients.
3. Oral Hygiene Counselling
4. General Healthcare Education

During General Health examination, a child of age 7 was diagnosed with Inguinal Hernia  and a girl of age 18 was diagnosed with skin allergy.

Hand Washing Technique Training Program

Hand Washing Technique Training among 66 Children for Better health.

Indu Vidya Mandir
Madhepura, Loharpatti,
Mahottari, Nepal
Date: 25th Feb, 2018

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