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Indu Sah Foundation welcomes Volunteers around the world who are interested in providing services to underprivileged children and communities. Contact Us for the activities.    

A. Volunteer with Indu Sah Foundation:

The field of Volunteering includes the following activities and more:

  1. General health check-up and treatment
  2. Dental health check-up and treatment
  3. Teaching in the school where we provide free education to underprivileged children.
  4. Mental Health Evaluation and Psychosocial Counselling. 
B. Research with Indu Sah Foundation:
  1. Research program in Oral Health Status in Southern Nepal
  2. Research program in Public Health status in Southern Nepal
  3. Research on the Educational status of Southern Nepal 
  4. Research on water and sanitation conditions of Southern Nepal
  5. Research on Farming

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