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EVENT: CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM PLACE : Nilkantha School, Dhading Besi, Nepal Dr. Vijay talking about the Child Abuse Prevention The UNICEF data say 8 out 10 children in Nepal are abused physically, sexually. above 50% children are bullied and the victims. In 2017/18, 1480 cases of rape has been reported in the Nepal police data. 6646 heinous crime has been reported in the past year. Nepal has been still the third Asian country having Child Marriage. Along with these crime, the child abortion is not spared, its still in the society. The News of Rape, Sexual harassment, bullying, domestic violence, Child abuse, torture, Neglect have been today's hot topics for the media. But I have seen very few of them talk against it.  Children at Nilkantha School during the Child Abuse prevention  These heinous acts should be eliminated, discarded from the society so I came up with an awareness program, on behalf the Indu Sah Foundation, and I organised myself unde

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